Internet Business Handbook - 30 pages to jumpstart your internet business starting from scratch using social media

We are giving away this handbook for free so you can learn how to use the internet to generate your own revenue.

Being able to travel is one of many benefits of working on the internet. I have recently been travelling to Italy and Spain. It struck me how many bright people I have met were looking for a job. Coming from Switzerland I am not used to see so many talents wasted like this because of what seems to be a structural, political shortcoming. I decided so to write this handbook about how to start a simple internet business so that perhaps I can give a fresh perspective for new work opportunities. Internet businesses are usually less capital intensive compared to the same offline services, here you can virtually start with nothing. The handbook summarizes different sources about internet marketing and ended up being not only a practical guide on how you can start your small internet business but it also includes a collection of marketing best practices you can use if you already own an established business.

The Handbook comes in a PDF format. We will send you the access code for our download page where you can find the list of tools that accompanies the book. We also included a discount link for services.

This handbook guides you through the 5 steps to setup your internet business. Download the the handbook and get started today!

A sneak peak into the handbook

You succeed if you do it well, put yourself to the test, follow the steps. It is the free chance you get to your freedom.

What you will get from this Handbook

We have included all you need to get you on your feet. It is up to you to take action.

A selection of tools

We have selected the best tools for all of the needed task to create, run and automate your business. From step 1 to step 5.

An interactive guide

We have included all the links to the tools directly in the document so you won't lose time copying and pasting.

An updated list of tools

From the handbook you will get access to our online table at This table is constantly updated.

Information on expected results

We have included information on what you can expect from your internet business. This results vary greatly depending on your dedication, your skills and the market you choose.

Partnership with

We have noticed that technology is the greatest fear of newcomers. will help you during the process whenever you need it. Readers of this handbook get a discount on their service.

Learn from the PROs

We have collected references and examples from internet marketing professionals from around the world. Additional view angles give a better perspective.